Ancient samples

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Ancient samples

Post by Vangelis » Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:19 pm

Hi and congratulations for your work.
I had an genetic ancestry enstimation that gives me a major Italian 23.17% and after Greek area
(East Med 10.59%) and around.
However, the K36 ancient genome oracle shows me those results, i copy/paste the first 17 results:
SZ37_Greek-Italian 42.8
EMA_Greek-Balkan_AEH_1 15.8
EMA_Greek_STR_300. 5.2
CL121__north-Italian. 4.8
SZ18_Pannonian. 2.6
SZ19_Italian-Balkan. 2
BA_I9006_Mycenean. 1.8
Scythian009_Ukraine. 1.8
MA2197_Anatolia_IA. 1.6
SZ28_north-Italian. 1.6
AV1_Hungary_Szolad. 1.4
BA_I9041_Mycenaean. 1.2
Bul4_Bulgarian_Yamnaya_o. 1.2
CL30_Greek_south-Italian. 1.2
CL38_Greek_south-Italian. 1.2
CHL_Armenia_I1632. 1
EMA_Czech_RISE569. 1

Now, i want to have a discussion about the source of those samples, to understand the history behind those, like where they found, why they found there, i mean with which movement/part of history are connected with the Greek civilization and others, anything to can understand more about those samples. Im intrested to know about all samples respectively if possible, but mostly about the major result of SZ37, like what exacly means the definition Greek/Italian and to find answers on my past questions about.

Vangelis. R-YP5820* UV-b
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