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Re: Post 23andMe results

Post by Aoda » Fri Oct 04, 2019 5:13 pm

New update. They still haven't picked up my French:

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Re: Post 23andMe results

Post by Arcadiaville » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:47 pm

I updated to 23andMe's version 5 recently and received updated ancestry results last week. Does anyone have similar changes to British/Irish and French/German ancestries? My paper trail and regional ancestry (Colonial southern USA state) shows mostly British Isles ancestry with possibility of English, Scots-Irish and Germans (probably mostly from West or SW Germany or Moravian based on Census reports).
  • Version 1 circa 2014:
    60% B/I, 15% F/G, 0% Scandinavian

    Version 2 - May 2019:

    62% B/I, 11% F/G, 4% Scandinavian

    Version 3 - October 2019:
    48% B/I, 27% F/G, 2.5% Scandinavian
The F/G swing seems rather large. Are other testers who show SE or SW English on Eurogenes calculator or at least 50% British results on commercial tests also showing this change? The remaining ethnicities have consistently been broadly NW Euro, 1-2% S. Euro and 1% NA (no paper trail) plus varying trace. Earlier trace of 0.2% SSA and 0.1% Ashkenazi are now gone.
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